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Selected postings on fora

Edited versions of the original postings. Note: replies from other people are not included, neither are the user names of people I refer to. The dates are the original start date of the thread.

Histoplasma Capsulatum NeuroTalk 23rd May 2012
Influence of the environment, South Carolina, county level NeuroTalk 23rd July 2012
Data mining US-wide county level data suggests an environmental role in the incidence of PD NeuroTalk 29th July 2012
For each "Parkinsons" drug: use and costs, NHS, England. NeuroTalk 15th November 2012
Maps of inferred PD prevalence, England NeuroTalk 26th November 2012
Maths Guy Does Parkinson's Stafford U3A maths group 6th May 2016