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Handedness Survey


This page lets you complete the Handedness survey.

The survey should take less than 1 minute to complete.


Any time, BUT ONLY ONCE.

Who can take part?

Healthy people.

People with Parkinson's.

People with other conditions

Who should not take part?

People under 25.

People who have done this survey before.

People who do not want even their anonymous data made public.

Please answer the following questions about yourself. * denotes required
1. Gender * male

2. Diagnosis *(If Parkinson's and other illnesses, show just Parkinson's.) Healthy
Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease
Other Parkinson's
If "Other Parkinson's" or "Other", please write your diagnosis here

3. Age now *

4. Age at diagnosis *(if Parkinson's)

5. Age at first presentation to a doctor with Parkinsonian symptoms *(if Parkinson's)

6. Dominant Hand * left

7. Hand of first symptom *(if Parkinson's) left

Press the Submit button to send data to the server.