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The following online tools are available:

Hand movement speed measurement Side to side tap test. The keyboard is used to measure the number of left/right cycles you can make in a set period of time. You can adjust the size of the movement by setting the left key (default q) and the right key (default p).
Metronome and riff generator Generates beeps with a given frequency. You can specify riffs. Left and right channels can be different.
Tremor measurement Measures the amplitude and frequency of a finger tremor by detecting finger movement on a laptop's pressure pad. Fragile. Approximate.
Tremor reduction Consciously moving the finger at right angles to the tremor gives a brief limited reduction. Detects the motion on a laptop pressure pad and indicates the direction you should move.
Strobe lighting effects A large collection of strobe lighting effects. It was written to investigate impact on tremors.
Strobe lighting effects with pulsating stereo sounds. A large collection of strobe lighting effects with metronome-like sound track. It was written to investigate impact on tremors and slow movements.
Levodopa Equivalent Dose Calculator. You input the names of your Parkinson's drugs and their dose. The program calculates the levodopa equivalent dose (LED) and totals them to get the levodopa equivalent daily dose (LEDD).
Levodopa Equivalent Minute to Minute Plasma Levels Calculator. You input the names of your Parkinson's drugs, their doses and the times that you take them. Using pharmacokinetic data, the program calculates equivalent pseudo-levodopa plasma levels on a minute-by-minute basis and graphs these over a 24 hour period.
Lean Monitor and Warn: Android smartphone app. This app requires an Android smartphone. The phone is attached to your body, e.g. on top of your head, under a tight fitting ski hat. It measures your lean and vibrates when this exceeds a set level.